The natural way for anti-aging technology

Viscobella® is a result of 30 years of production experience based on 45 years of research and developement in the sodium hyaluronate field.
If you are looking for a natural and safe way to revitalise and smoothen your skin, we recommend you to apply our products Viscobella® .
This highly biocompatible, injectable, stabilized and highly purified hyaluronic acid extracted from a synthetic source, structurally identical to the body’s own hyaluronic acid will support your dermal structure to restore its natural appearance. What qualifies our product the most is its superior high density compared to other comparable products, which is genuinely regarded as the most important distinguishing factor in the hyalruonic acids business.
  • Viscobella® is a hydration booster that moisturises your skin and helps to unveil your natural beauty
  • Viscobella® is a remedy made to even out facial deficiencies and its visual effect following the application may last up to 12 months.
  • Viscobella®  offers unique innovative spherification technology (IST) that allows to apply spherical particles instead of traditional structure of irregular rhomboids. As a result the skin shows an even smoother and longer lasting effect.

Why Viscobella®?

  • Viscobella® is produced exclusively by BioMedical B. Baumann Group. We are an internationally active company devoted to restoration of health. Our health solutions in various areas of medicine contribute to your life comfort.
  • We are dedicated to research, development and marketing of safe and reliable health care products meeting highest safety and quality standards.
  • Based on our expertise and competence we focus on our core area – application of first class hyaluronic acids in orthopaedics, aesthetics and ophthalmology.
  • BioMedical B. Baumann Group is located in Rodgau, Germany.
  • Our experience and know-how derives from the aboslute roots of hyaluronic acids researches made at the Uppsala University, Sweden that first made reasearch on hyaluronic acids in the medical field.
  • We are solely focusing on hyaluronic acid products.
  • Our factory is located in Sweden.